fix_july_2016Backyard Bliss

Story by Holli Weatherington | Photos by Mike Boatman
Cooking dinner, entertaining guests, watching the big game, swimming and hot tubbing, warming up by the fire on a chilly evening — all of this can be done in the backyard of Patrick and Darby Toy. “The plan was always to renovate the back,” Darby said. “When we bought it, it was bare in the backyard. Initially, we knew we wanted to do an outdoor entertaining space and then after we got some plans on paper, we wanted to do the pool as well.” They bought the East Memphis home in May 2013. Their space was tight but Tim Disalvo Co., (who did the entire renovation and was the original builder of the home in 2006) worked out the ideal configuration. The Toys were able to break ground in June 2014 and the project was completed three months later. Backyard….
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fix_may_2016A Place of SOLITUDE

Master Bath Renovation

Story by Holli Weatherington | Photos by Mike Boatman
A place for serenity and solitude, a place to be alone and find privacy. These words are the ones most often used to describe a home’s master bath. In fact, the bathroom is often the only place where a person can find true refuge from the world and be alone. Here is a place not only to get clean and get ready, but to find a piece of respite from the daily grind. In this issue we explore four different master bathroom renovations in houses across the Mid-South. Each one has….
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fix_nov_2015Architecture, Contemporary Accents

Story by Holli Weatherington | Photos by Mike Boatman
Upon stepping into the Hood family’s home in Midtown, one is immediately struck by the beauty of the past with the craftsman architecture, heavy moldings and millwork. Then, what brings the home to life is a diverse mix of rich colors, both modern and classic furniture, and all rooms are adorned with or accented by contemporary art. Built in 1925, the home is complete with a synthesis of arched walls and ceilings, exposed brick and all the charming aspects expected of a home built in the early twentieth century. “This house may be an antique but we don’t treat it that way,” says owner, Betsy Hood. “We try to be true to the architecture and style, but we make it fun and funky.” …
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fix_july_2015Backyard Havens

Story by Holli Weatherington | Photos by Nathan W. Berry & Mike Boatman
What used to be considered something for those who like to live outdoors, now the term “outdoor living” implies something totally different – especially to builders and homeowners. Outdoor living areas have become the biggest trend in home building in the past five years.
While it’s due to a tighter economy where people stay home and entertain more often, it’s also for the stylistic reasons of expanding the living space beyond…
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By Molly Fromkin | Photos by Mike Boatman
When Tom and Kim Mitchell bought their East Memphis home two years ago, they knew it would need a lot of work. “We loved everything about the house, but it needed updating to suit our needs, ” says Tom. The existing structure, circa 1960s, included a small kitchen, dining room and butler’s pantry, all contained and separate from one another-and more importantly for the Mitchells’ needs, from the entertaining areas of the house. “We both like to cook and to be in there together, so the original kitchen was just not practical for us,” notes Kim…..
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By Molly Fromkin | Photos by Nathan Berry
I love New Orleans, I’ve always loved New Orleans,” says homeowner Wes Kraker. What was once an overgrown, functionally useless piece of land abutting the Kraker home has been transformed into a little bit of the French Quarter right here in East Memphis. Wes and his wife, Becky, have been in their home for fifteen years, but it wasn’t until another remodeling project two years ago that they committed to transformig their outdoor space into the stunning, comfortable courtyard it is today. “The area was just kind of overgrown, all azaleas and monkey grass. Not a lawn we could use or enjoy…
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rsvp_oct2012-300x226RSVP ROOM VIEW

Interview by Kelly Cox | Photos by Steve Roberts
A touch of Tuscany can be found in Fayette County, in a family home near Eads. When the homeowners moved in seven years ago, the interiors were very plain, defined by a restrained gold wall color and good structure but little character. Inspired by their passion for Napa Valley and their shared Italian heritage, the couple who own this house worked closely with Tim Disalvo & Company to remake their home in the mold of an Old World villa in the heart of wine country. The great room anchors the design, as if they had stumbled upon an existing fragment of a Tuscan estate and built the house around it…..
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By Anna Mullins | Photos by Joey Miller
The Brogdons. After enjoying 23 years in their charming East Memphis home, enjoying the sprawling and scenic two acre lot and convenient location, the Brogdons weren’t about to pick up and move simply because they wanted a little more space. Instead they called Tim Disalvo and Company to create some new areas that were equally elegant.
The mid-century four bedroom home came with lots of character, but not a ton of extra room. For example, it didn’t have a separate den for relaxing and television watching. There was also an …..
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By Anna Mullins
Matthew and Paula Daniel moved into their East Memphis home in 2001 and knew they’d eventually endeavor to update the 1980s era kitchen. They put the plan into action last year, also adding on a den and back porch. Tim Disalvo and Company guided them through the renovation.
Disalvo began by adding distinctive wooden beams, mined from a 100 year old barn in Mississippi, across the ceiling. The weathered wood creates a country-flavored, rustic mood in the room. The layout of the kitchen worked……
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Text by B. Crawford Whitham | Photos courtesy of Tim Disalvo
Spring, a time of renewal. For those of you interested in a change, what better way to focus energy, time and money than on updating your home? There are many reasons for you to update, modernize and upsize, but chief among these may be your love for your current location and desire to stay there.
Accommodating your desire and incorporating your vision on the ideal home sometimes requires the eye of an artist to bring perfect harmony of design. You may have a vision, but not necessarily the perfect one, and that is where the experts can apply their artistry……
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By Holli Haynie | Photos by Mike Boatman & Raleigh Rodger
For Lance and Tammy Oliver, renovating their bedroom and bathroom was a task in reconfiguration. What used to be their laundry, closet and hall bath became a sitting room, a jazzed up master suite and bathroom.
The full-scale renovation, which was overseen by architect Jeff Dillard & Associates and build Tim Disalvo, took place over two years. This was a two-part project which also included a great room remodel.
Tammy says the family mostly gather in their bedroom and with three small children, there’s never …..
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fix_thumb1MAKING ROOM

By Holli Haynie | Photos by Troy Glasgow
Steve and Jeni McBride Knew their Germantown home was the perfect house for them, but with their fourth child on the way it was undeniable: they needed more space. They considered buying a new house and even looked around, but nothing compared to their current home, so the couple decided to renovate.
“We know we wanted to stay,” Jeni says. “We love our neighborhood, the trees, the location. We were in love with this house before we bought it.”
To make the house more suitable to their…..
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athome_thumbTHINKING BIG

By Carrie F Simpson | Photos by Mike Boatman
Cynthia and Ted Schulz are no strangers to renovation. They have lived in houses in different part of the world and have renovated several of them, including a 200-year-old home in Duxbury, Massachusetts. All of that experience has culminated in their most recent project, a Memphis home, which they purchased in June 2005.
They knew they needed a talented team to make changes to the older, 3,000-square-foot home, but finding them was not easy. “Finding the right builder is like interviewing for good doctors. You know what you want, so when you meet with them be honest about your….
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